About Us

Journey to Baptismal Living is an organization of diverse people (clergy and lay) from diverse denominations, (Episcopal, Lutheran, United Methodist, Presbyterian to name a few) connected through their commitment to the movement of faith through the sacrament of baptism to baptismal living as disciples of Christ.

Founded in 1993 as the North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC), the primary activities of this organization have been the promotion of the catechumenate through training events for clergy and lay leaders, Annual Gatherings that bring together catechumenate practitioners from across the US and Canada for continued formation in the process, and monthly publications with articles of interest, book reviews and best practices.

In 2017, NAAC changed its name to Journey to Baptismal Living to engage people who are not yet familiar with the catechumenate and its unique language. We are the same people with the same high quality training and support.

Our Association of pastoral leaders and congregations is an ecumenically hospitable network, extending welcome toward all who would engage in exploration and dialogue concerning the sacramental practice of Christian baptism, and particularly catechumenal processes. A core ecumenical value includes learning from baptismal practice in the early Church , from various denominational traditions, and from each other in our Gathering and training events in diverse regions and contexts.

Denominational traditions which encourage commitment and offer resources toward a baptismal Lenten season have historically provided the foundation for our network, e.g. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, The Episcopal Church in the United States, and the Anglican Church of Canada. Additionally, a certain number of United Methodist, Presbyterians (USA), and United Church of Christ pastors have participated actively in the network. Today, there is a lively ecumenical interest in strengthening congregational discipleship training and spiritual formation, and a growing interest in the opportunities for renewal of Christ’s Church to be discovered in catechumenal processes. The Journey toward Baptismal Living invites sisters and brothers to share this important ministry across denominational boundaries, without question.

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