2018 Annual Gathering:


The Annual Gathering of Journey to Baptismal Living
In conjunction with Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

August 7-9, 2018 at Techny Towers, Chicagoland, IL

Are liturgy and scripture alive and formative in your parish?
Do members connect baptism to the sacred story of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection?
Do they find a connection between God’s story and their story?

Parishes that are defined by deep and robust baptismal practice lead individuals and the community into faithful living in their home, at work, at church, and in the world.

Becoming the Story we Tell will help your congregation enter the deep drama of the Biblical Story through lectionary and liturgy, re-orient them toward baptismal living and create a congregational foundation for the Adult Catechumenate.


Plenaries presented by The Rev. Canon John Hill and The Rev. Dr. D. Jay Koyle,
key architects of Becoming the Story We Tell

Details and registration available soon

JBL joins with Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission to present this event to introduce this resource developed by the Anglican Church of Canada. Becoming the Story We Tell is a process for re-entering the deep drama of the gospel, and restoring the connection between baptism and the annual immersion in the story of Christ’s Passion. Click here for more information on Becoming the Story We Tell.

Registration for the Annual Gathering and additional information will be posted here at a later date.