Community Chat– The Rite of Enrollment

The first community chat sponsored by Journey to Baptismal Living on Zoom was a gathering of liturgical scholars, catechumenal practitioners, and recent participants in the church’s ancient-future way of making Christians. For me as a practitioner in a local church, the reflections by Dr. Tom Schattauer stretched me toward clearer thinking about the first rite: welcoming hearers/catechumens. Listening to the … Read More


JBL has developed a new on-line course, “Catechumenate Basics: Methods, Rites and Reflections on the Way.”  The course includes 4 interactive classes: Presentation 1 Part 1:  Introduction and Overview of the catechumenal process Part 2:  Inquiry: Evangelization, Exploration and Discernment of one’s search Recognizing and meeting inquirers Structure and content of an inquiry meeting Sponsors Discernment for moving to the … Read More

DISCERNING OUR WAY; An Update on Your Board’s Progress

Above all, trust in the slow work of God. We are all, quite naturally, impatient in everything to reach the end without delay.                      From “The Slow Work of God”  Teilhard de Jardin. As we noted in late July, the Journey to Baptismal Living Board has been meeting in August and September to discern where JBL should … Read More


Journey to Baptismal Living is at a crossroads. For JBL, the pandemic has sharpened our awareness of the need for a new vision.  We now see that the model of annual gatherings and workshops may no longer be viable and that this organization requires restructuring. Nonetheless JBL is important as the organization through which all of us promote the power … Read More

Climbing Down from the Crow’s Nest

When I became President of Journey to Baptismal Living, I adopted the crow’s nest of a ship as the vantage point from which I would lead. From the crow’s nest on a ship, you can see both where you have been and where you are going.  JBL is like a ship that floats on baptismal waters. For many years it … Read More

The Catechumenate in the Midst of Tumult

We just celebrated Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit inbreathed life and vitality into a small band of Jesus’ disciples, into the Church.  At the same time, we observed a National Day of Mourning and Lament (in the United States) as we remembered COVID-19 deaths of over 100,000 people in the US and over 350,000 world-wide.  Add to this the police killing … Read More

A Rite of Blessing during the Pandemic

How do we pray for our catechumens and candidates during this time of remote, virtual services?  Here is one suggestion adapted from the RCIA: A RITE FOR ONLINE BLESSING OF CATECHUMENS AND CANDIDATES WHEN INITIATION HAS BEEN DELAYED (After the homily or after the Prayers of the People, a presbyter addresses everyone but especially those preparing for initiation.) Instruction PM: … Read More

Discernment and the Adult Catechumenate

It is always a joy when new things emerge that you did not anticipate. One might call these experiences synchronicity, others might refer to them as graced moments. Recently, I was able to experience a week long training for Listening Hearts.The focus of this week is to practically learn how to ‘discern call in community”.This model and process for group … Read More