DISCERNING OUR WAY; An Update on Your Board’s Progress

Above all, trust in the slow work of God.
We are all, quite naturally,
impatient in everything to reach the end
without delay.                      From “The Slow Work of God”  Teilhard de Jardin.

As we noted in late July, the Journey to Baptismal Living Board has been meeting in August and September to discern where JBL should go from here.  We recognized that we are at a crossroads and have this opportunity to do some assessment and visioning.  We have met through Zoom every two weeks.  We have asked for your input and many of you have responded.  Thank you!  This is an update on our progress and another request for your input.

We first determined a group discernment process that recognized the challenges of remote meetings.   As with many journeys, including those involved with the catechumenate, naming the initial question was very important. After prayer and discussion, we agreed that the question is “God, how would you have JBL enrich the catechumenate?”  Prior to addressing this question, we shared why the catechumenate is important to each of us.  My summary of that discussion is that we find the catechumenate process transformational for us and for the congregations in which we minister.  We witness the Holy Spirit working through this process.

At our next meeting we shared why JBL is important to us.  How have we experienced JBL’s supporting our ministries?  JBL is the North American interdenominational organization for catechumenate ministers.  By sharing our experiences in various denominations, we enrich each other’s ministries.  Through sharing rites, we find flexibility in how we celebrate the conversion process.  We learn from one another.  We invite experts in worship and catechesis who provide insights into this ministry.   We support one another.   And we know that there are many of us scattered throughout North America who find support through Journey to Baptismal Living.

Now we are discussing what the desired outcomes for JBL could be.  How do we continue to share, to support, to invite, to gather?

Your Board needs your support as we continue our discernment.  We need your input and your prayers as we move forward.  Please send your comments, insights and ideas to [email protected] or to [email protected].  Please keep us in your prayers.

Meanwhile, other JBL work continues.  Both the Eastern and Western Conversations on the nature and content of the period of Mystagogy are advancing.  We look forward to reports in the near future.

Thank you.  Be safe.  Be at peace.

Jerry Paré; Board Member

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