The Annual Gathering of Journey to Baptismal Living
In conjunction with Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

January 9-11, 2019
Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center near Orlando, FL

Are liturgy and scripture alive and formative in your parish?
Do members connect baptism to the sacred story of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection?
Do they find a connection between God’s story and their story?

Parishes that are defined by deep and robust baptismal practice lead individuals and the community into faithful living in their home, at work, at church, and in the world.

Becoming the Story we Tell will help your congregation enter the deep drama of the Biblical Story through lectionary and liturgy, re-orient them toward baptismal living and create a congregational foundation for the Adult Catechumenate. This convening serves all denominations.


Plenaries presented by The Rev. Canon John Hill and The Rev. Dr. D. Jay Koyle, key architects of Becoming the Story we Tell. Scroll down to learn more.

“Becoming the Story We Tell” is a process for entering into the deep drama of the gospel, and restoring the connection between our baptism and the story of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection. In this process, the weekly lectionary readings, the liturgies of Lent and Easter season, Holy Baptism, and Holy Eucharist are opened to reveal their richness and deep meaning.

“Becoming The Story We Tell” is an initiative of the Anglican Church of Canada and is being adapted for use by The Episcopal Church. These resources are fully available in their current format to any interested Christian community.

As participants experience, and then reflect on, the great stories of Scripture, they are strengthened in faith, communal discernment and spiritual conversation. “Becoming the Story” focuses on renewing the baptismal identity and calling of those already baptized, and preparing unbaptized persons to receive the sacrament of Baptism.

“Becoming The Story” is intentionally designed to be flexible, adaptable to the needs of the local community. Keyed to the three year lectionary cycle, this experiential lay-led program traces the journey of Christ’s life, death, resurrection
and ascension from Ash Wednesday through Holy Week and Eastertide to Pentecost. In making this journey with Christ, participants discover their own life of faith “hidden with Christ in God” as well.

As we become the story we tell, we will find courage to live passionately as witnesses to Christ, and to invite others to learn the way of Christ with us. And hospitality will become second nature to us.

Source: The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission.