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Storied Fire, Storied Water, Storied Meal

Can the ancient liturgy of the Christian Church find a place among 21st Century people? Can the ancient stories of salvation find a place of meaning in the lives of post-moderns? Can the ancient ritual of dying and rising with Christ give meaning and hope in a world of violence and injustice?
The answer is YES! when the ancient liturgy, the ancient stories and the ancient rituals are formed and shaped by the contemporary lives of a worshiping community.
The Easter Vigil at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle, WA, has become the primary worship event of the year as the congregation gathers to be rooted once again in the ancient practices of Christian Church of every age and every place.

Hidden Blessings, Visible Blessings: Catechumenate

Dr. Lisa Kimball and The Rev. Kyle Oliver discuss Faith Formation Practices of the Church.
Filmed at the Episcopal Diocese of Easton convention 2013