Journey to Baptismal Living is at a crossroads. For JBL, the pandemic has sharpened our awareness of the need for a new vision.  We now see that the model of annual gatherings and workshops may no longer be viable and that this organization requires restructuring.

Nonetheless JBL is important as the organization through which all of us promote the power of the catechumenate in many denominations. It is important as the organization in which we find support for one another in this ministry, in implementing the catechumenate and in building up the Body of Christ.

It is time to journey on.  Most of us have guided seekers along the way.  Now it is time to guide each other.  We ask your help in visioning what a new JBL might look like.  How would you like to see JBL move forward?  Here are some questions that may help you as you consider your response:

  • What aspects of JBL are of most value to you?
  • What are some specific ways JBL can support catechumenate ministers in the next 5 years?
  • How might JBL use modern technology in our ministry, for example Webinars? Podcasts?  On-line workshops?
  • How might we obtain the financial resources necessary to support the ministry of the JBL?
  • Who can you recommend as a board member of JBL?
  • What is your vision for JBL as we journey forward together?

The JBL Board is having a series of meetings to review your responses and continue discernment on the future of this organization.  Your input is critical!  Our next meeting is July 22nd.  Please respond through the comments section below or directly to Jerry Paré at [email protected]  If you can respond by July 22nd, great!  If not, we still want to hear from you.

One final request:  Please keep the JBL Board members in your prayers as we take this moment to discern the path we travel.

Thank you!

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